Queensferry Passage

Ferries that operated on the River Forth.

Compliment Slip
An information booklet shows the Sailing Times together with Charges and makes interesting reading. Charges were very detailed, the vehicles rate is based on the size of the engine or Horse Power. There was also charges for Horses, but Stallions were nearly 4 times more expensive to transport. Lorries were based on weight and a separate charge is noted for Hearses, extra being charged if carrying a corpse.
Juvenile and Adult tickets can be viewed together with a ticket for vehicles, note the date on one of the tickets is 03-September-1964, the day before the ferries stopped running. It must have been one of the last tickets printed. One ticket shows that the Manager is Jas. A. Latta; early research shows that it may have been issued around 1934.
A schedule is also held showing the timings of the summer (1964) sailings, it details how the sailings  would be adjusted if one of the vessels required repair or if there was fog. The names of the captains are listed, which includes Captain Tom Penny, brother of Captain John Penny.