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Welcome to this web site which contains details of the ferries that operated on the Firth of Forth. The route was called the Queensferry Passage. The ferries operated between North Queensferry and South Queensferry. The route going back as far as the 11th century in the times of Queen Margaret. This site however concentrates on the ferries which operated between 1934 and 1964. Many of the items displayed in this site were in the possession of the late Captain John Penny who was the Master of the Sir William Wallace. Capt. John Penny was employed on the ferries from 1946 and was a Master of the largest vessel in the fleet from 1956.

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GalleryPhotographs of the ferries are difficult to find but by searching the internet and obtaining the appropriate permissions a collection has been built up and can be viewed by clicking on the icon aside.
In addition to photographs this web site contains details of many aspects of the ferries including original documents and videos. These can be viewed over the following pages. A guide to the contents of the site can be found by using the "Index" link below.
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