Queensferry Passage ferries on River Forth.

Ferries that operated on the River Forth.

Welcome to this web site which contains details of the ferries that operated on the Firth of Forth on the route was called the Queensferry Passage. The ferries operated between North Queensferry and South Queensferry.

The Bruce
The Dundee

This web site mainly deals with the 4 ferries that were built by Denny's between 1934-1955, however there was another ferry the Dundee which operated between 1917 and 1949. This ferryboat operated as a relief vessel from 1934 after the arrival of the Bruce and the Margaret. It finished in 1949 when the Mary arrived and she was scrapped in 1951. While operating on the Queensferry Passage she was leased to Wm Denny & Bros. Ltd.


Dundee details:-
Launched 22/05/1875 by ship builders William Simons & Co. Ltd., Renfrew (yard no. 187)
- Gross Tonnage 264
- Length 149.3ft
- Beam 27.1ft
- Engines - Wm Simons & Co. Ltd., Renfrew - Compound diagonal 2cyl. (23 & 42 x 42"), 80bhp - Paddle wheel.

Details of three of the ferries the Dundee, Bruce and Margaret have been traced in the Lloyds Register.